Field Work

School choice survey

2017-2018 Survey

We are currently conducting a new survey! Our registered surveyors are:

Danielle Murphy, Faith Kim, David Díaz, Marcus Harrison, Yesse’El Gutierrez, William Suárez, Joseph Lobb and Elvira Duran.

The head of surveyors are: Manuel Martínez and Mathilde Sage.

2015 Survey

We conducted a home survey of 212  New Haven households with children entering kindergarten and ninth grade in Fall 2015.

Our survey asked a representative sample of parents/guardians about the school choice process, including:

  • how they gathered information about schools and school choice
  • which schools they liked the most, and why
  • how well they understood the rules of the school choice process
  • what they thought their chances of admission were for actual and hypothetical choice applications.

We conducted the survey using an interactive  tablet app that updated questions in response to respondents’ inputs.  We used a bilingual survey team to ensure we could capture a representative slice of New Haven households.